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Since 1867, the companies which make up Agbar have brought the future to the management of water and the environment, continuously applying new developments, technological advances and knowledge. After over 145 years, Agbar is an international benchmark, with a presence in eleven countries: Spain, Chile, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Algeria, Peru, Brazil, Turkey and United States.

Agbar adapts to the needs of the societies in which it participates in order to offer the best service to 25,6 million people, every day. Agbar is water.


To be the benchmark business group in our fields of activity and one of the major global service companies.


To manage water efficiently in order to improve the quality of life of people, in balance with the environment.

To lead the development of solutions and technologies in the water sector.
To transfer our know-how to society at large, generating value for our stakeholders.
To contribute to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.


Excellence in the provision of services.

Innovation as a competitive advantage and source of value, oriented towards improving processes, products and services.
A sustainable business model, based on the development of people and criteria of economic, social and environmental responsibility.
Promotion of dialogue, cooperation with and commitment to stakeholders.
Local development and involvement in the community where we operate.
Alliances and collaborations to extend and improve access to water.

AGBAR Global Data


Since 1867
Over 146 years


in 24 countries




Average consolidated


In R&D
and innovation