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Supplier registration

In order to implement its commitments to its suppliers, SUEZ Spain has a supplier registration process, outsourced with the company Achilles, by means of which all companies interested in being suppliers of SUEZ Spain can register.

The following steps will be followed to formalize the registration process:

  • Fill in the basic registration form.
  • The details provided by suppliers in order to operate in the service of SUEZ Spain are checked and verified, and if these are correct, the supplier is registered.
  • In the event that the registration process is unsuccessful, SUEZ Spain may request an improvement and corrective action plan to rectify the problems detected.
  • The supplier must update the details introduced in this register annually, by accessing Edit/update details.

SUEZ Spain uses this supplier registration as a reference in the hiring that it carries out, thus ensuring that it fulfils the above-mentioned commitments.

The RePro register of contractors is the classification system adopted by SUEZ Spain, S.L. Therefore, suppliers who would like to take part in a tender process announced by advertising the existence of a classification system, in accordance with Article 31 of Law 31/2007, must be registered in the corresponding section or sections of RePro in the ‘RePro Standard’ registration mode (Extended Registration). Suppliers can register at the following link: http://www.reprobd.com/reproregistrationform/Default.aspx?Lng=es

The supplier may not use the SUEZ brand for any advertising or commercial purpose without the express authorization of SUEZ Spain.


SUEZ Spain is highly committed to improving the quality of life of people and the generation of value for all its stakeholders, as established explicitly in the company’s mission. In this respect, SUEZ Spain considers that it is necessary to take into account the sensitivities of its environment, and for this it has identified its stakeholders, to which it has made a commitment, and it develops actions focused on continuous improvement.

Specifically, SUEZ Spain has established the following commitments in relation to its suppliers:

  • Establish relations based on the principles of integrity and honesty.
  • Promote transparency in dealings and maintain objective screening criteria.
  • Promote sustainability practices within this group.
Download PDF: Integrated management policy