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The Aquae Foundation wants to be a national and international reference centre on water. The Aquae Foundation started off from the knowledge accumulated over the SGAB Group’s 145-year history. The Foundation moreover wants to supplement this experience with the added value of its commitment to innovation and technological development, in response to the major economic and environmental challenges of our time. In addition to being a growing need, water is a scarce resource. It thus requires efficient management, significant investment and imaginative and innovative solutions, adapted to each situation.

The Aquae Foundation responds to all this in different ways: strengthening the channels of cooperation with the administrations, reinforcing synergies with other companies and expanding the framework of collaboration with the academic and research communities.

The Aquae Foundation promotes innovative talent, an enterprising attitude, a cultural outlook, respect for the environment and management through solidarity, in order to help to co-create a new sustainable social and economic model, respectful of the environment and biodiversity.